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Nor Cal Pintabians

Morgan Ranch is located near beautiful 
North Shore Lake Camanche in Ione, California

"Our goal is to promote Pintabian horses in California. 
Beautiful, intellegent, well-mannered horses 
that can be enjoyed by the first time horse owner, 
as well as the most advanced, competative equestrian."

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Norman and Susan Morgan
2795 Grapevine Gulch Road, Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-6600
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The Pintabian is a rare breed of horse that must be verified as having 99% or more purebred Arabian blood, with a tobiano coat pattern.  The breeding stock Pintabian has a solid coat pattern, but carries all of the characteristics of the breed. 

There are currently only about 500 Pintabians registered and only 15 Pintabians in California. Pintabians are different from the Pinto Arabian which may  only carry  50% Arabian blood.

Pintabians are eligible for registration with the Pintabian Horse Registry, the Pinto Horse Registry and, if one parent is a purebred Arabian, the Arabian Horse Registry. 

Pintabians are bred for their beauty, intelligence, disposition, stamina, and versatility. They have a short dished head, that is wide-set between large eyes, long arched neck, short back, level hip, and high tail carriage. The general height range is between 14.2 and 15.2, with a few individuals over or under that height and weight between 900 and 1,100 pounds. 

Pintabians are ideal family horses. They also excel in performance events.
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West Coast Pintabian Horse Association
Manny and Sonny
(full brothers)
Majestic Sunspot
Nor Cal Sierra SnoMan "Manny" 
2006 Pintabian Stallion (exported to Austria)
NCP Luv My Sunspots "Sonny" 
2010 Pintabian Colt
Nor Cal Sunset Bay "Boo"
2009 99.9% Arab Gelding
Sire: Nor Cal Sierra SnoMan
Sir Midnight Sun "Knight"
99.6% Arabian Gelding
Nor Cal Pacific Splash
2005 Pintabian Gelding